Democratic – respect the rules and spirit

Universality: All citizens also have access to the vote: expatriates, infirm, travelers, elderly, sick

Uniqueness: Each voter has one and only one voice!

Temporality: Ballots cannot be cast before the closing.

Generality : Electronic voting encourages participation, in particular, it avoids the abstention of young people.

Exact – every vote is counted

Authenticity: A vote (its ballot)  is valid only if it comes from a legitimate citizen

Integrity : A vote (its ballot) is valid only if it contains the original motivation of the citizen,

Precision : A valid vote can not be deleted.

Completeness : A false vote can not be added.

Private unconditional anonymity and secrecy

Secret : It is not possible to know the contents of a vote

Anonymity : It is not possible to link a ballot with a voter

Not transferable : No vote by proxy or vote-selling -the vote is strictly personal and a voter can not prove what he has voted.

Auditable – controlled at all times and by all

Earlier audit : The whole system is statically auditable beforehand (publied sources).

Dynamic audit : The electoral commission -fully independent- monitors all operations through a computerized separate unit (cluster of servers), and can ensure that the process is fair.

Internal audit : The whole processes can be analyzed by the local networks (white box)

Personal audit: the voter owns the software on his station (which is the system's keystone) and he receive a signed receipt of his (crypted) ballot

Post Audit : Each elementary operation is provable (statically later).

Comfortable – easy and flexible

Every voter has the opportunity to vote:

quickly and effectively,

with current equipment,

by an automatic installation or without any installation

without specific ability or knowledge

 in the place where he is,

when he wishes.

Flexible – for every uses and for everyone

Different state's levels

Overall (federal)

Regional (Local state, or [swiss]canton)

Local (municipal),

The pure votes

choose Yes / No

flexible inclusive or exclusive multi-choices.


lists and names choices through various criteria.

Fully adaptable with dynamic rules

Any number of voters

Partitionable (multi-administrations)


Mobile  – anywhere, anytime

The system can be used to vote:

From anywhere (globality).

Through any network (interoperability).

On all systems (portability)


Mac OS X (Apple),

Linux, etc.

With all types of equipment (multi-platform) 

Personal computer (PC)

Organizers, Ultra-Mobile PC,

MMobile Internet Devices, Smartphones.

Sure – safely and reliably

The system guarantees:

The confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of all communications,

The security of servers and full data availability,

The strength against failure and loss of connection.

The voting process is isolated from the voter's computer in a virtual machine.

The software of this  system, which provide the full reliability and high effectiveness, are developed with the tools of critical systems (transportation, finance, aeronautics, space, military).

This software implement all the relevant current standards.